Yarn Painting

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Yarn Crochet Painting ProjectYarn Painting Project

This yarn painting actually sits on the wall right above my desk here at The Crochet Crowd Office. It's something that means a lot to me as it is displaying my passion for the yarn arts. 

I fished the frame out of the dump. With just using scrap yarns, I did a basket weave using Bernat Mosaic Yarn. The colours change on their own throughout the project. 

This can be done very easily. Review my video tutorial below to see how I did this. It's a lot simpler than you realize. Happy Hook'n and enjoy your new framed art. 

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Crochet Tree

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Crochet Community Tree Project

Crochet Crowd Community Tree

The final look will be revealed at Creativ Festival on April 27 - 28th, 2012 at the International Centre in Mississauga Ontario. 

In February 2012, I put the call out for help to complete The Crochet Crowd Community Tree. Diva Dan had planned on an extensive project and was looking for 1,000 flowers. Colleen, my friend, and I had done 150 flowers but were running out of time as other samples of other projects needed to be done as well.

Click read more to see how we did this.  

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Crochet Carousel

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DSC01906 300x199 Crochet Carousel Free Form ProjectCrochet Carousel

I am getting ready for “Crochet Carnival” which takes place October 12 – 14th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for the 25th Anniversary Creativ Festival Show. My infamous “Hooker Alley” is being transformed into a run-down carnival where we will have activities all day, everyday, for three days. One of my projects was to construct a Crochet Carousel. It is 100% free-formed based on my knowledge of hat designing. I used two brands of yarn throughout the project. The carousel itself is 100% Red Heart Yarn and the ponies are 100% Prism Yarns. I felt this was like making a cake seen on reality television– the kind where you need the support inside of the project in order to keep it’s shape. Using old wood, I created a foundation of an upper and lower round circle. Dowels serve as the poles to keep it’s stability and they have been covered with crocheted sleeves.


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Ferris Wheel

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Crochet Ferris Wheel ProjectHow We Created The Crochet Crowd® Ferris Wheel

Daniel came up with this concept and the very next morning at the end of September 2012, he put his vision to reality. I had come up with a crochet carousel, so he wanted to do a complimentary ferris wheel to go with the carnival theme we have for Creativ Festival. 

Here's the truth though, this is actually version two. The first version had problems with the exterior wheel as he had an octogon shape using wood but the wood wasn't holding and the wood was spliting. With this, the outside rim of the wheel was removed and replaced with water pvc piping. 


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Michael SellickThe Crochet Crowd

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