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Crochet Super Star Afghan

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Crochet Star Afghan Pattern

Crochet Super Star Afghan

This is one of the most popular afghans created by The Crochet Crowd Viewers to date. It is highly popular for baby shower gifts and baby blankets. It's unique shape and idea lend itself to endless possibilities of colour and imagination. Get this free pattern. There is also a matching video. 

This is the 5 Point Super Star Afghan. Thousands of these super stars have been created by viewers from around the world. Many opt to do this pattern for unique baby blankets, while others love a unique throw for their living spaces or bedrooms. 

 These afghans are relatively quick projects and make for perfect gifts for last minute baby showers and holidays that may sneak up on you. 

 Changing the colours are optional and what colours you prefer is up to you. 


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Country Crochet Quilt

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Country Crochet Quilt Pattern by MikeyReflections of My Mom

I dedicate this new afghan to my mom. I'm not ashamed to admit that my early years of my childhood, we needed thrift stores and a helping hand. To save money, my mom would cut up our old clothing and make them into quilts. None of the quilts had any rhyme or reason to the colour. They were warm and that's what mattered. We went to bed with extra hot water bottles in the hope they would retain the heat over night as our home was heated with a central fire stove. I firmly believe that growing up in this manner makes me a better person for understanding and being empathetic to others.

When I see afghans where the material is unusual or appears to be old clothing... when the colour doesn't make sense. It lifts my spirit because I know that this was love as a child. Growing up in the way I did makes me extremely grateful for the luxuries and opportunities that have come my way.

This afghan used 12 Balls of Bernat Mosaic Yarn. The colour is called Gamut. Don't bother to pay full retail, you can pick up this yarn cheap at Spinrite Factory Outlet's online ETENT. The yarn was normally $7 per ball marked down to $9 for 3 balls. My friends, this glorious afghan would have cost my about $90. To have a unique looking afghan where the colours melt in front of your eyes is stunning. ANY of the colours in the Mosaic Line at the ETENT would be awesome in this design. You just need about 4 bags. When Spinrite has their sales, they sometimes throw in a bag for free. You need to watch their sales as it's incredible. In fact, I actually only paid $27 for this as one of the bags were free at the time. Our weekly newsletter has features every week for discounts at Spinrite Factory Outlet.

I used a size 6.0 mm or J hook for my sample. My afghan is 44" square. I used the pattern from Trip Around The World Entrelac Afghan.

May you enjoy this afghan as much as I do. Good Luck! 

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The Crochet Quilt Pattern

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Crochet Quilt PatternEntrelac That Appears Like A Quilt

Create an amazing quilt look-a-like using large entrelac crochet squares. The squares are much larger measuring 3" x 3". It gives the illusion of quilt patches. Using James C Brett Yarn Chunky Marble, you can achieve a wicked amazing look where each square has it's own personality. 

You can also use this size of square to do the traditional looks of entrelac crochet as seen in the Trip Around The World Pattern.

1 Ball of James C Brett Chunky Marble will create 18" x 18" = Square. 2.25 Square Feet

Due to the nature of this yarn, this type of afghan would be an heirloom and something to treasure. The yarn is chunky in weight providing a bulky weight yarn that will drape beautifully.

  • Baby Afghan - 3 Feet (36") x 3 Feet (36") Yarn Amount to be Determined
  • Throw Size - 5 Feet (60") x 5 Feet (60") Yarn Amount to be Determined
  • Full Double Bed Spread Size - 8 Feet x 9 Feet - Yarn Amount to be Determined


Click Read More to get the full instructions for the larger size squares.

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Entrelac Afghan Pattern

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Entrelac Crochet Afghan PatternEntrelac Afghan + Video Tutorial

Entrelac Crochet is the art of creating gorgeous afghans that have boxed shapes that grow with each other. The concept is really easy once you understand the concept and stitch counts.

I've filmed a video showing the step by step process of creating an Entrelac Crochet Afghan. In the original pattenr, you will see the edges are in points. In the last bit of my video tutorial, I show you how to make the edges straight as it's more desireable amoungst crocheters.

You may become addicted to this concept... I know I am 'hooked'!

Free Pattern: Trip Around The World Entrelac Afghan

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Entrelac Crochet Tips for Afghan Creation

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Entrelac Crochet TipsValuable Insider Tips for Afghan Making

Entrelac Crochet has been one of the hardest elements for me to understand with Crochet. I have seen this concept in books since I was 14 years old and tried several times but always ended up frustrated and confused. I have even tried to follow video tutorials by others and I still didn't get it. Its a concept I have avoided because I just couldn't get it.

While on The Crochet Cruise Cruises, two fabulous ladies, Barbara and Diane, showed me the concept. It took me an hour to grasp but I really needed someone in person to show me and answer questions as I went along. It was probably one of the best hours of 2014 to date. 

I have filmed a 12 Minute Video that is available in the Read More Section below that goes over the tips I have learned. Video explanations will show you key concepts to understanding the principles of this stitchwork. 

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Wintery Afghans

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Let It Snow Afghans

 Click The Pic To Get The Free Pattern

Rectangular Granny Afghans: All Sizes

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All Sizes Rectangular AfghansPatterns for All Sizes of Afghans

Some crocheters are tired or bored with 'Granny Squares' and wish they could do granny squares but in rectangular format instead. Let's face it, most things such as our bodies, beds and furniture are not square. The concept is not knew, the trick is to be able to start off the project so the afghan grows properly in all directions to match the shape of our beds and etc.

In this article, I have broken down the steps and figured out the math it takes to start your rectangular afghans. Though my hook size may be different than what you may decide for yourself, the sizing of acheiving the right rectangular starting size to get the proper finished size should work out properly. The key is to ensure the middle is right length before circling around the project.


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Happy Hearts Crochet Afghan

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Valentine Hearts Crochet Afghan Pattern

Crochet a memorable and deceptively easy crochet afghan. The afghan is actually granny squares that are changing colour once per square. When you look at the over all look of the afghan, you will notice there's a lot going on but to achieve the look is really simple. You don't need to tell anyone how easy it was, take the compliments as people may think you are the crochet genius.

The hearts in this afghan are actually appliques and sewed on afterwards. Luckily, there's only 20 of them on this afghan. The hearts are really easy to make as well.

Truth is, I have been avoiding this pattern for a long time as I thought it would be so hard to do... this is one of those projects that surprised me when I finally dissected it and really my fears and doubts were for nothing.

The free instructions are available at Happy Heart Afghan Pattern by Red Heart.


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Cool Breeze Baby Afghan

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Cool Breeze Baby Afghan Pattern

Crochet this amazing baby blanket called the Cool Breeze Baby Afghan. This is using the Soft Baby Steps yarn by Red Heart and is incredibly soft. It measures 38" x 42" and is really quick to make. Feel free to substitute your yarns with America's favourite yarns like Red Heart Super Saver or equivalent.

I had a hard time deciding which of the colours I wanted for my afghan, so I decided to put many of them into the afghan. This makes the baby blanket to be highly adorable plus unisex too! 

In this pattern, you will notice that I did 1 Fan Line, 1 DC Line and then 1 Fan Line with each section of colours. The white lines are the DC lines in between the fans. I think it's the white that really makes this blanket fabulous. I used less than 1 ball for each colour depicted in this afghan. 

The free instructions are available at Cool Breeze Baby Afghan by Red Heart.


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