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Wavy Shell Stitch Afghan

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How To Crochet Wavy Shell Afghan

The wavy shell afghan was one of the first videos ever filmed for YouTube back in 2008. This design looks ultra hard but in fact is really simple. There is technically only 2 lines of stitches used within this afghan.

The trick is using 3 or more different colours to make it more appealing. You could also do one solid colour if you preferred. You are the crochet artist after all.

In the videos below, I will show you how to get started and go through the lines. What does change are the edges as the pattern needs to cycle through a repeat pattern. I cover that within the videos below.

Any size crochet hook can be used, you just have to ensure the yarn compliments the hook. For example, if you used Red Heart Boutique Treasure, that yarn calls for a size 8 MM or Size L Hook, you would use that size of hook for doing this pattern as it is recommended by Red Heart.

See video demonstration for stitch counts and more information about this fabulous project.




Video Demonstration - 3 Videos

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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