French Knitting Bee

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French Knitting Bee Product Review

French Knitting Bee

The French Knitting Bee is one of those products that should stay on the shelf. There is a design flaw within this product that is extremely frustratiing and I can't believe it is in the mass market. Conceptually, the product is great and to many people reminds them of the old fashion corking. You may remember the nails in the spool. There is something the old fashioned corking had that this doesn't... a lip at the top of the metalic pegs.

While you are knitting, the pegs are slightly bent outward. However, the bend is not enough to prevent the material from sliding up and over the peg as you are knitting. You have to put the material up and over the other loop, when then goes over the peg completely. Because there is no lip to stop it from sliding up... the entire knitting on the peg will slide off causing havok and probably curse words as you attempt to replace it back onto the peg. Replacing back onto the peg is a task all to itself.

I found this product very very difficult to work with. I found it to be frustrating to a level of unsatisfaction and extreme disappointment. The product has fantastic packaging which is visually enticing to purchase... It's a classic example of don't judge the book by its cover. Great packaging, product is not so great.

It comes with a complimentary Pom-Pom Maker. While my knitting bee hit the trash can in disappointment. The Pom-Pom is the best one I have seen in a long. So this product has a seriously deficient product but also the best when it comes to pom-pom making.

I would reconsider this product if they did a design change at the peg level. Until then... it's a product I would avoid if it were me. 

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