3 Year Old Nearly Drowns in Carnival Cruise Boat

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Some People?

In the photograph, taken at the breaking of dawn of the back pool of Carnival Magic, I wandered the boat during this time frame. For me, walking on the boat before people wake up was a peaceful experience and very relaxing. Enjoying a gorgeous sunrise with a cup of tea in hand was so wonderful. 

The serenity of this moment was over shadowed nearly a few hours after this photograph was snapped as I witnessed a child nearly drown in this same pool. 

A cruise ship can be a dangerous vehicle and it astounds me how many parents let their children wander on the boat. In the photograph, I was sitting in front of the pool. A mother was allowing her child to play within the water and if you look closely, you can see there is a shallow area that is about 6" and it surrounds a 4 foot drop in the centre. I didn't see any life guards on duty while on the cruise, so it's really up to the parents to watch their own kids at the pools and hot tubs.

I wasn't really paying attention but I looked at the pool and seeing a pig tail hanging out of the water. The approximate 3 year old child that was playing in the shallow area didn't realize their was a 4 foot drop and slipped into the 4 foot drop section without anyone noticing. 

The mother was setting up her beach towel on the launch chair and turned around casually to check on her child. The child wasn't within sight and the mother immediately spotted her child in an upright position floating. Legs down, head up but her pig tail was the only thing out of the water. 

The mother screamed and ran for her kid and grabbed the kid out by the scruff of the neck. The child must not have been under water for long as the child was unfazed by the event, nor gasping for air. 

What Really Ticked Me Off

Within 5 minutes of this event. The mother is shaking with fear and thought of the near drowning. Justified reaction and she is very fortunate. 10 Minutes after this event, the mother returned to normal routine and the child wandered off from the mother and the mother is completely clueless that her child has just wandered. I thought to myself as I watched the child walk away past me, "Someone needs to put a leash on that kid before she seriously hurts herself!"

Carnival Magic Kids Programs

Carnival Magic has amazing kids programs to keep children busy throughout the cruise. Night clubs specifically for kids, daily programs, scavenger hunts and etc. It some cases, I think these programs watch the children and keep these kids safe and engaged throughout the cruise better than some of the parents on board. 

Disciplining of Children

You can certainly tell the parents that are stressed out and love to find petty and pointless little things to bitch at their kids. Some parents were tired and you know the kids don't have a chance to do anything right. It's not my position to get involved or defend the kids as I am on vacation. 

In one example, a parent is trying to get her 11 year old boy to move out of a photo spot opportunity. Though Daniel and I assured the mother he was okay to stand where he was. It seems that reasoning and poor judgement on behalf of the mother ruled at the end of the day. It seemed no matter what assurance we gave, her opinion was the right one and when the boy walked over to the mother. Without warning, she closed fisted and punched her son to the side of his head. I can't seem to shake the sound of that nor the visual of what I saw as it was only a few feet from me. I was appauled. The kid didn't freak out, nor cry. I realized, this is a normal occurrance for this boy and what a shame. 

It's a true testament in today's society that not everyone is meant to be a parent. Some kids just don't have a fighting chance to fend of abusive parents. We seen too many examples of kids being neglected on the boat.

In another example, we seen the granmother ripping into two girls, the mother feeding the fire and giving her two sense and the dad also getting his two sense. I think if they ever seen themselves in a video doing what they are doing to their girls, they would be shocked and disgusted with themselves. Each one of them coming up with something new over the same situation to give the 4  - 6 year old girls something to cry about. Top it off when they started to cry, they are given crap for crying and making too much noise. Meanwhile, the parents are louder than the kids. Go Figure! 

Daniel and I are not parents, nor do we think it's an easy job. Too many parents feel it's appropriate to be yelling at their kids and causing such huge scenes of rucuss at the expense of others trying to enjoy rest and relaxation on the cruise. I swear though, from what I seen, I think some of the parents enjoy being loud and causing the scene without consideration of their environment. I felt some just love the audience of watching them discipline. When that happens, it's time for a lawn chair change to find somewhere else to sit on the boat. 

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