My Personal Story

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My Personal Story

Someone recently asked me,"Why have your created this crafting empire?"

My life was spiralling out of control with no sense of direction. I was getting up, going to work and coming home looking forward to a night of television. With virtually no friends, as I tend to be introverted at home, I had crochet as my method of trying to make myself feel better about life. Like many of my viewers, I turn to crochet as a method to coping. 


I hit rock bottom with anxiety attacks, misery and drugged on anti depression pills. I was neither happy, nor was I sad. I simply on an even keel and feeling the moments pass me by. I had to change my life... the question was how to do that?


I can remember moments in my life as a project symbolized my personal struggle in a moment of time. I've been crocheting since I was 14 years old. I found that crochet balanced my life  and allow me to find my strength once again. It got me thinking to how to incorporate crochet as my method of coping all the time and not just when I have skidded into personal low. 


The Crochet Crowd was born in April 2008. I was depressed and lonely on a spring afternoon. I went on YouTube in search of new crochet patterns when I ran into an instructor that did not excite me and was talking in technical language that I wasn't understanding. The camera was blurry and I couldn't see a thing. It immediately got me thinking, "What if I did that? I mean teach people how to crochet online so I can share what I know?" I could reach others who were interested in crocheting and maybe form a community dedicated to the art of crocheting. What better way to connect with others and maintain my creative self. 


In the years that came since that boring afternoon, I finally found my purpose in life. I finally had found true happiness and joy by sharing my excitement with others and, more importantly, balanced by a good supportive partner who cared my my corchet abilities and passion for the art. A mere hobby years ago is now a full time job of taking upwards of 14 hours per day to maintain this enthusiastic crowd. Yes, with millions watching and talking on The Crochet Crowd it takes a tremendous amount of hours to maintain my passion. Over the years, I came to understand social media marketing, video editing, and relationship building with companies which has expanded my knowledge of business and marketing opportunities for the 21st Century. But most important are the relationships have that I have developed into a positive, sharing and supportive environment within the community I have started.  This is my greatest gift.


I proudly present to you The Crochet Crowd. My biggest accomplishment and idea that gives me the maximum amount of joy. Enjoy your visit and be sure to stop by our Facebook Fan Page