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Vibrant Tissue Box Cover

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Crochet Tissue Box Cover Pattern

Vibrant Tissue Box Cover

Seems I can never find a tissue box that matches my own home decor style. So I have given up and decided I am going to make my own. The boring white porcelain is a great setting for something vibrant. You can also use this in your living room,bedroom, kitchen and more. 

I purposely designed this to fix a box of inexpensive non name tissues. The box dimensions are 8.75" x 4.25" x 3" tall. 

The opening slot where the tissues come through is 4.5" long x 1/2" wide. 


©2012, The Crochet Crowd. Michael Sellick

Materials Used:

Tissuebox3 Tissuebox4

Free Pattern:

This pattern is relatively simple going in circles. When you first begin, you question whether the slot is going to form right. You just need to trust yourself and when it slides over the box, the slot will align perfectly. 

  1. CH 30, Join to the BEG CH to form a ring. 
  2. CH 2, 17 HDC by around the chain for this step, CH 2, 2 HDC, CH 2, 17 HDC, CH 2, 2 HDC, CH 2, SL ST to the top of the CH 2. 
  3. CH 2, 1 HDC into the same stitch, 1 HDC into each st along the row, at corner gap, *1 HDC, 2 CH, 1 HDC. HDC into the next stitches until the next corner. Repeat * in the next corner, 1 HDC in to each stitch along the row, Repeat * corner, 1 HDC into the next stitches to the final corner. In final corner, 1 HDC, CH 2 and then SL ST to begining CH. 
  4. Repeat Step 3, 3 More Times. 
  5. CH 2, 2 HDC into same stitch, 1 HDC along the row, Next corner will get 6 HDC into the corner gap. 1 HDC into the next row of stitches. Next corner put 6 HDC. 1 HDC into each stitch of the row, Next corner gets 6 HDC, 1 HDC into each stitch to starting corner. Final corner gets 3 HDC and then SL ST to finalize row. 
  6. From this point, you will just go in complete rounds, slip stitching between each round.
  7. CH 2, 1 HDC IN BACK LOOP ONLY into each stitch all the way around. At the end, SL ST to join. This will create a definitive bend in the pattern. 
  8. CH 2, 1 HDC each stitch all the way around. SL ST at the end to join. 
  9. Repeat Step 8 - 5 more times.
  10. Fasten off and weave in ends. 
Grab sturdy and strong string to weave through bottom edge. Weave in and out all the way around. Place tissue box into project.
Pull string so bottom wraps around the bottom edge of the tissue box. Tie to secure, weave in loose ends from tie. You will be able to slip this off when your tissues run out to switch out the box.