Tutorial Requests

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YouTubePNGCan I make a tutorial request that appears on YouTube?

Tutorial requests are the most sought after request from viewers on YouTube and followers on Facebook. Tutorials series take a long time to make. For example, the Spring Fling Pillow Series took me 102 hours to producel. Viewers send a lot of requests in each week. Several thousand in a year. There's only one of me and only so much time in the day. Tutorials that are created for YouTube have a number of factors that have to be taken into account. Click Read More to see the decisions & factors for video tutorials that appear on YouTube. 

Read more: Tutorial Requests

Community Guidelines For Facebook & Google+

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FacebookPNGCommunity Guidelines for Facebook & Google + Communities?

Our ultimate mandate is that The Crowd Crowd remains community oriented & sharing page. We do not intend or want our community page to turn into an advertising or sales forum for the overall enjoyment of our of followers. The Crochet Crowd strongly enforces the protection of our followers from individuals/companies trying to take advantage of the mass.


Content Sharing

Our “Recently Posted by Others”  and any conversational thread within our Facebook and Google + Communitie that have the following are strictly prohibited.

  • Linking to other Facebook Pages to generate subscribers, campaign awareness and/or sales. 
  • Soliciting sales to sell in any form whether it be for donations, regular sales or other.
  • Luring tactics such as phishing scams or soliciting members to subscribe in other locations outside of The Crochet Crowd Network.
  • Website links requiring membership sign up to access promised content.
  • If you would like advertising space on The Crochet Crowd. You may do so by contacting Mikey. Advertising space may be available on The Crochet Crowd Website, newsletters or other forms of advertising opportunities. Please contact Mikey directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • We do not get involved in any schemes such as 'Sub for Sub' or 'Like for Likes'. We grow our community through hardwork and dedication to crochet.


Any postings that violates the above will automatically be deleted. A fan may be banned immediately without warning if the above criteria is discovered. Repeat offenders will be banned from our communities with no questions asked.

It is not an acceptable excuse to not understand social media etiquette. Before posting any of the above in any Facebook Page, as our guidelines are not unique to ourselves, it's wise to check with the administrators before posting any of the above content on pages that you do not run.


Project Photo Postings by Community Members and/or The Crochet Crowd

  • A community member is NOT REQUIRED to share a link or disclose a pattern that was used. Others may do research or find similar patterns to post in the thread that belongs to the posting. Many Facebookers do not know how to use Facebook properly to add in links or information pertaining to a pattern during the original post.
  • Many community members use patterns and sometimes deviate from the pattern by adding extra embellishments or pattern changes that are not part of the original patterns.
  • Many community members also make up their projects as they go, essentially it's free formed, where no patterns has been followed. We need to respect that.
  • While some community members feel that a pattern link or information for a pattern should be shared with every posting on The Crochet Crowd, we refuse to enforce this policy as it takes away from the community atmosphere of creativity.
  • In many cases, a pattern link is usually shared within a thread as part of the posting. Scroll down through the comments as you may see the pattern is posted further down. If a community member states that there is no pattern available or the pattern is a 'Paid Pattern' where it cannot be shared openly, we need to respect that fact.
  • There is NO POLICY that a project being shared on The Crochet Crowd Facebook Page must be from a free pattern. We do not want to limit our creativity on this page.


Backdoor Soliciting Tactics

  • Photographs posted that have graphics to suggest items are for sale, luring tactics or any photos that indicate that there is more to the photo than doing Show N Tell will automically be deleted and reported as spam.
  • Photos that are posted to showcase creativity but has the objective to sell. Which includes over posting or in the comments that the person who has uploaded is selling the item, pattern or or more will automatically be deleted and reported as spam.


The Crochet Crowd does not go on other Facebook Pages to lure subscribers, sell items or build our subscriber base using the hardwork of others. We build ourselves through hardwork and recommendations by our followers to friends. We expect the same of others to understand our procedures and respect our community.

If you prefer a Facebook that is heavily structured with tight rigid rules, this page isn't for you. We are easy going and allow our community members to communicate and participate without feeling like big brother is watching by constantly harrassing people about our rules. 


Community Members Helping Others

  • In the event of a Request For Help posted by an individual looking to locate patterns, pictures and/or crafting tools, other members may post links to appropriate websites or information that are related to their request. 


Community Behaviour

Our community has been exceptional in sharing our love of crochet through positive encouragement, picture sharing, and creative inspiration for ALL individuals. We believe in a positive and colourful environment where everyone is welcome to share the yarn arts. 

  • In the rare event that a member expresses unrelated comments to crocheting, and/or insulting, negative, and/or intentionally hurtful content. Member(s) involved will be removed permanently from our Facebook Community Pages. This includes negative comments, inappropriate pictures, political, religious postings/pictures and/or culture discrimination content.
  • We reserve the right to make the final decision to decide what is acceptable for our Facebook Community Page for the overall well being of our community.  


Other Alternatives

  1. The Crochet Crowd is currently looking at improving its relationships with other business oriented crocheters through our other social media sharing websites. 
  2. Please be patient as we search for other alternatives. 
  3. We take pride in our Facebook Community Page as it remains free of ads to satisfy the followers that have enjoyed the interaction and social atmosphere we have provided over the years.  
  4. In the meantime, ETSY and RAVELRY are specifically designed for this purpose and we encourage you to use those websites at this time. 

Contacting Mikey

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How do I contact Mikey & Cathy?

I receive a tremendous amount of email from viewers. Emails are collected in a general mailbox. Email is sifted through and sorted. Some of the email received from viewers is diverted to the spam. I can be emailed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Cathy and I cannot answer every email that arrives as there isn't enough time in the day. 
  • Pattern requests are kept for future reference. 
  • Many emails received at people asking me to search the internet for them to find patterns or give pattern recommendations. I have written an article that can help you find patterns, My Secrets to Search For Patterns
  • Responses can be delayed for several days/weeks due to excessive backlog.
  • Many viewers have decided to bypass this email and email Mikey directly through Facebook expecting a quicker response. There are literally over 1,200 emails in my Facebook that haven't been answered or viewed. You are best to use my email address as there are two of us working the email system to best help you. 

Problem with a Product

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I'm having a problem with a product demonstrated in a video, can you solve my problem?

My videos have been created for the overall enjoyment of using yarn or crafting materials to show you my steps. If you are experiencing difficulties with any products you have seen on YouTube / Facebook where I am in the video or comment/picture seen on Facebook, I cannot solve issues for product damages or malfunctions. Please contact the retailer, distributor or maker of the product directly to have your concerns looked after. I don't intervene in between a follower and the company. It is your responsibility to seek the help. 

I will not under any circumstances give out personal information, including direct emails of people who work for companies to speed your issues through. You must exercise the proper communication channels that is set up by the companies. 

Newsletter Lists by The Crochet Crowd

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Feb27th2013I've signed up for your newsletter, what are your policies for the emails that are given to you? 

The emails given to us for our Weekly Newsletter are kept in strict confidence. We do not sell, rent or lend out our mailing lists to others. You privacy is very important to us. 

Endorsements on The Crochet Crowd

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FacebookPNGI would like Mikey to say my Company Name and/or Share a Link of my company on The Crochet Crowd Facebook to increase my sales or Facebook followers. How do I get Mikey to do that?

This question or request is one of thee most asked questions for us. Companies and/or individuals would like to skip the natural growing stages and have a sudden boost of new followers or sales a result of myself mentioning them on Facebook. 

Essentially, you are asking me to endorse your company and give you a positive referral. Most requests that come in are from companies or individuals that I have never heard of before and/or haven't done business with directly. Followers trust my judgement and I need to be extremely careful on giving a shout out to referring the company/individual. 

I rarely mention another company/service unless there's a direct relationship and/or known factual information known. Our community is about inspiration and ideas. I don't feel comfortable and feel it's unethical to give a positive review or referral when I don't known the facts for myself.

Giving out Free Products for Publicity Exchange

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Mikey2013600If I give you a free sample for a giveaway, can I get free advertising and/or reviews of my company/product?

Several times a year, a company will come along and ask me to promote their business by offering me free samples to give as a giveaway. Sometimes it's free products to use on tutorials which usually requires a positive review in the form of blog writing and postings on Facebook. It's silly not to assume there's a catch to getting anything for free.

I am extremely cautious with these types of requests. I review each request on an individual basis and do preliminary checking with random sources to see if there is interest and/or it matches our community. 

We have advertising on The Crochet Crowd's Website and our Newsletters for those who are looking for sales and internet traffic. Our advertising models help us to pay our bills to keep our content free to the public. We rely on advertising revenue to keep us moving forward.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to inquire about securing a monthly spot on The Crochet Crowd Website / Newsletter. Space isn't always available, talk to Mikey further about this.


Charity Requests & Groups

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I would like you to advertise our Facebook Charity Group and/or Special Circumstance to raise money, awareness or other related to a charity idea?

On occassion, I get requested to social media and/or announce that a group, church, individual or charity needs help to get a message out for people to respond. These requests are taken very seriously. In 2010, an individual approached me to help them raise money for a wheel chair and money was sent to them. It would turn out this request was a scam. Since then, I am very strict about helping out organizations and/or social media'ing requests for help. 

I am requested often for me to help out groups and non registered charities with financial and/or product donations from my viewers. Each case is decided individually.

The Crochet Crowd is run without charging membership to the viewers or followers for being a part of our community. There's not a lot of money to left over to help everyone or to satisfy every request we get.

Being Featured On Facebook

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FacebookPNGMikey, where do the pictures come from that you are featuring daily? How do I get my item featured? 

This question is constantly asked to determine how I decide a project to get bumped to a feature position on Facebook. Here's the truth, there are 1000's of us who should be featured everyday but realistically cannot be done. 

Many people email us a photo expecting us to post it to Facebook. We do not upload photos for you on Facebook. Why?

  •  We cannot be legally sure the photo belongs to you. We don't want to accept liability of copyright issues. 
  • You have the power to do it yourself and retain the credit for your photo for people to ask you questions and share in the excitement of your creativity. If I upload it, people may assume that I crocheted the item and expecting me to answer all of the questions.

How do you choose what will be featured? 

  • I base my decision on the feel of the mood of the comments/pictures being shared in that very moment. 
  • I try to pick pictures that are inspirational, not necessarily 100% about the project but maybe there's a story that is really touching. 
  • I try to give equal exposure, so I won't just feature 4 pictures by the same person. 
  • I look for pictures that appear to be good quality in the sense of clarity, colour and great photo angle. 
  • I won't feature a picture where I think the objective is to sell an item or have any other hidden agendas. 


I only pick about 4 photos at a time for a feature position at one time.


If I don't choose your photo:

  • Try not to take it personality, most days it's a really tough decision to only choose 4 photos at a time. 
  • I am making the decision off the cuff which really can't be planned in advance for a strategic opportunity. 


Though I appear on Facebook a lot. I am not always watching the Fan Page as I may be writing blogs, content, filming, editing and much more. I work in creating content and exciting new ideas for The Crochet Crowd. Videos and many things you love about the Crochet Crowd are generated throughout the day.

Asking For Money or Yarn Donations?

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I am short of money and need help and/or I don't have enough money to buy yarn, can you please send me free yarn?

This question is nearly a daily event for us for people requesting me to send money or send free yarn.

Usage of yarn is what I do for a living as I am a yarn artist. Like many people who have hobbies/jobs where they require the tools of their trade, yarn is my trade tool in order to teach others the skills I have learned. 

  • If you are needing money or help with your financial situation, please seek a local agency or organization to help you. We don't offer financial assistance.
  • I will not approach the yarn companies on your behalf. Some of the yarn companies have their own programs in place for contributing to organizations in the form of product donations. The yarn companies have their own systems set up. Please contact them directly.
  • You could check with a local religious organization near you to see if they can help you with getting yarn donations, especially if you have a charitable idea in mind that benefits the community. 

Referring A Facebook Page

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FacebookPNGMikey, can you please post a link of my Facebook Fan Page / Group onto the Crochet Crowd Facebook?

This request comes in nearly everyday for us, sometimes several times per day. Someone will request that I post a direct link in my status update to notify our entire followers of a new group or fan page where the owner of that page is asking me to help them increase their followers. 

Due to the several requests we get, I do not offer this as an option. If I do it for one, I have to do it for all of the requests that come in. By suggesting to my viewers to LIKE your page, I am essentially endorsing that your page is worth following. Most of the times, I am not even subscribed to the page and don't know how the page is run to give it a positive referral. Many groups probably are worth following; however, I have seen some very poorly run pages and/or the owner of the page has a brilliant idea and then loses interest quickly and let's it go. 

We grew our following through hardwork and dertimination. We are not an overnight success story. It took us several years to slowly grow because acheiving the success we are seeing today.