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Everlasting Crochet Wreaths

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Everlasting Crochet Wreaths PatternBasic Wreath for You To Customize

This 17" diameter basic wreath is very deceptive. It's one of those projects that you think you can whip off 'lickity split' but because of the formation of the bulk that is needed to fluff it up, the project takes much longer than you may realize. This is happening as two of the rounds cause the stitches to triple up. This means for each completed round of this, the next round will take 3 times longer to circle as there are more stitches to cover.

This pattern has photos of each stage to show you what it should look like. At certain points, you are going to self doubt your pattern and potentially give up. It's one of those projects where you need to get nearly finished before you see the concept light up before your eyes.

Photos, as depicted in our graphic, are compliments of two fabulous fans on The Crochet Crowd. Many thanks to Lori Terry and Theresa Dufresne.

Materials Needed & Tips

Easy Crochet Level by The Crochet Crowd

Using a Size J or 6.0 mm Crochet Hook.

Use 2 Skeins of Red Heart With Love or Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. 7 oz or 198 g

1 Standard Thick Steel Clothes Hanger. You will want to look for a thicker hanger as a thin wire hanger will not hold the shape as the yarn can be heavy.

Decorations and accessories that fit your sense of style. You can change the yarn colour and decoration to make these wreaths for July 4th, Easter, Halloween, Fall, Spring and etc.


  • SC - Single Crochet. See Video Tutorial Below
  • DC - Double Crochet
  • HDC - Half Double Crochet
  • SL ST - Slip Stitch
  • CH - Chain
  • ST(S) - Stitch(es)
  • * - Repeat Instructions
  • 3 DC TOG INC - Increase by 3 Double Crochet Stitches in 1 Stitch to create an increase.

Free Pattern

  1. Grab a thick metal clothes hanger. Bend the hanger into a circle. Get it as close to a circle as you can. You don't need to be 100% perfect as the yarn coverage will be forgiving. See picture 1.
  2. Fasten on yarn to the ring and Single Crochet around the ring. Have the stitches face outward and not twisted in circles. Put in enough stitches to cover the ring. Do not over compress the stitches as each stitch will multiple several times in this pattern. Do not slip stitch at the end. See photograph below for an idea on how your ring should look like. See picture 2.
  3. DC 3 times into the first stitch and then *DC 3 times in each stitch going round. See picture 3.
  4. Repeat Step 3. See picture 4.
  5. HDC into the first stitch, then ch 4. HDC, CH 4 into each stitch around. Fasten off and weave in ends. See picture 5. Picture 5 shows half of the ring complete showing you how the wreath is bulking out and looking leafy for this step.
  6. Decorate your wreath by tying on or gluing on your ornaments.
  7. Bend the hook of the hanger backward 90 degrees at the ring part and then bend the top half of the the hook upward 90 degrees. This will allow it to hang on a wall, door hanger and etc.


See Steps Involved

Everlasting Crochet Wreath Tutorial Picture 1 Everlasting Crochet Wreath Tutorial, Picture 2

  • (Left, Picture 1) Find a clothes hanger and bend it into a circle. Keep the hanger part at the top as you will bend that backward to be able to hang it.
  • (Right, Picture 2) Then single crochet around the ring. Do enough stitches so you don't see any metal ring but don't over compress the stitches. 

Everlasting Crochet Wreath Pattern, Step 3 Everlasting Wreath Pattern, Step 5

  • (Left, Picture 3) Immediately do 3 Double Crochets into each single crochet stitch going around. This will triple the stitches and create a ruffle look. 
  • (Right, Picture 4) Immediately do 3 Double Crochets into each double crochet going around. This will bulk up the wreath even more. It will cause the wreath to have more ruffling.

Everlasting Wreath Crochet Pattern, Step 5 Everlasting Crochet Wreath Tutorial, Step 6

  • (Left, Picture 5) Immediately Half Double Crochet in the first stitch, Chain 4, *Half Double Crochet Into the Next Stitch and Ch 4. * Repeat all the way around. Fasten off and weave in ends.
  • (Right, Picture 6) Decorate by tying or gluing in decorations to your wreath. 


Follow Along with Mikey's Video Tutorial

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