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Circular Shawl

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Circular Motif Shawl

Circular Motif Shawl

In May 2013, I found myself working on this gorgeous Circular Motif Shawl found on Red Heart. I was really compelled by the pattern being unusual and a bit of a challenge.To my surprise, after going through the instructions on the first large motif, I realized this was going to be a breeze.

The original pattern called for Treasure Yarn by Red Heart but, of course, I wanted to see this project done with a different yarn. I chose to do it in Red Heart Midnight instead. My version is light, airy and has sparkle to it. I opted to change the smaller motifs to be a different colour. It reminds me of a starry night in the sky.

Even better, this pattern really doesn't take that long. Don't worry about sewing your motifs together at the end. You attach as you go. I would highly caution you to pay attention to the right side and wrong side of the motif. I screwed up in the beginning and accidentally turned my first attached motif to be upside down. I decided at that moment that I am going to create a pattern of having right and wrong side faced motifs strategically in the pattern. Both sides look different.

Over all, I love this pattern and it's super easy. I have visions of doing this concept for an afghan or even bedspread. Yes... it is possible once you get the concept!

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Video Tutorial For Circular Motif Shawl