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Free Minion Crochet Patterns

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Minions are so cute! Many fans have been asking for free crochet patterns. I took some time to quickly search online. There's a lot of patterns but many are for purchase. In my findings below, I have found you 'free' patterns with Minions as the common theme.

Here’s the thing, due to copyright laws, I cannot show you a preview of the photograph without getting written permission from the author. Essentially, you will just have to click and see if you like it. Having said that, all of the patterns and galleries are free.

  1. Incredible Crochet Minions Gallery Collection – Gallery Only
  2. Despicable Met Minion Pattern
  3. Small Minions
  4. Purple Minions – On Ravelry, Download for Free
  5. French Maid Outfit Minion – On Ravelry, Download for Free
  6. Minion Hats for your Entire Family
  7. Minion Ear Flap Hats for Kids
  8. Minion Pencil Cases
  9. Minion Play Googles for Kids
  10. Multiple Minions on Craftsy
  11. Minion with Flowers Doll on Craftsy
  12. Simple Minion Me Beanie Hats on Craftsy