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Free Smurf Crochet Patterns

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The Smurfs 2 Movie is out and it's really popular right now. Crocheters have been looking for Smurf inspired patterns. I decided to hunt the internet for find you some free patterns. In my findings below, I have found you 'free' patterns with Smurfs as the common theme.

Here’s the thing, due to copyright laws, I cannot show you a preview of the photograph without getting written permission from the author. Essentially, you will just have to click and see if you like it. Having said that, all of the patterns and galleries are free.

  1. Smurfette Doll Pattern - compliments the 3 apples tall smurf.
  2. Easy Smurf Pattern - free through Ravelry
  3. Fun Smurf Pattern
  4. Blue Smurf Hat Pattern - seen on AllFreeCrochet