Who is Cathy?


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Chanel-mikeyCathy Cunningham, from California USA, is my offical assistant for The Crochet Crowd. In a call out for help in the summer of 2009 when The Crochet Crowd started taking off, Cathy responded that she was willing to help out with funneling through emails. 

Since then, Cathy and I have been working together behind the scenes building The Crochet Crowd. At one point, viewers knew her at Chanel Nofive and behind the scenes, I still refer to her as Chanel.

Cathy is married and a mother of two boys. She is a crocheter and loom knitter and has been with me a long time to understand The Crochet Crowd operations and mission. Cathy's voice and words on the social media is equivalent to my own. 

A lot of email is received through our social networks. Cathy has full access to the networks to be able to respond to guests. She is also monitoring and encouraging the creativity of The Crochet Crowd Facebook and YouTube accounts. Many questions come into us where Chanel is able to answer without my involvement. 

Like me, she is genuine in the emotional connection through other's creativity. You will see her answering on behalf of The Crochet Crowd on emails and social media postings. Cathy and I speak daily about The Crochet Crowd operations. 

I can't do what I do without Cathy's help.